War Is Trash

November 2023

This piece is simply titled 'War Is Trash', & is my response to all the wars that are currently going on in this crazy, fucked up World.

It's made from all kinds of shit picked up (mainly from runs) over the last few months. Thisi isn't everything by a long stretch as I don't keep it all...that would be stupid, & take up a ridiculous amount of space!

War...what is the fucking point? It's absolutely insane, just killing people. Why? Innocent people dying for what? For greed & power? Religious beliefs? I have no idea & in my simple head I just can't understand it, & never will. Am I missing something?

How many children have got to be killed on this planet before we stop this madness? Children being killed for fucks sake. How can people do this? How can someone give the order?

Will War ever stop...sadly I don't think it will. If bombs are continued to be made then they will continue to be dropped. Who would make something that destroys & kills everything? The human race would, that's who.

Lest We Forget


Fuck War


Photographs 1 & 7 Copyright of Fabio De Paolo

Photographs 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 Copyright of Average Gradient