Message From A Shit Alien

Litter Art by Average Gradient

Message From A Shit Alien

July 2022

This piece, from some of the shit picked up over the last few months, is titled "Message From A Shit Alien".

I think it speaks for itself! Aliens (should they exist) have seen what an utter fucking mess we've made of this planet & are telling us in no uncertain terms (especially those massive bellends Elon Musk & Jeff Bezos) to fuck right off & leave Mars alone.

What kind of species would completely fuck up a planet of such beauty, & then have the audacity to think they can go & fuck up another planet? Because that's what some of the Cunts who have millions & billions of pounds are thinking (in my opinion), & the masses are all contributing to it, by buying all the shite products these people produce & sell, thus giving them all the money they need to piss around in space...having a us.

Ok, the planet isn't completely fucked yet...but it's coming, & as much as I'd like to think we can stop it...I don't think we can...because not enough people give a fuck. 

Despite this, I won't stop trying.

This piece from July 2022 was a right bastard! My body is fucked...why I ever started down this road I will never know. Anyway, it's done now for a few months.



All Photographs Copyright of Average Gradient