Shit Britain

November 2020

This Piece (from a 17k run, two 12k runs, a bike ride with the lad, a litter pick with the lad, a litter pick by a lay-by, & a school run walk home) is titled "Shit Britain".

I used every single piece of shit I picked up on this...& although I don't usually count it, I did count a few things as I cleared this piece up:

234 x Cans

101 x Plastic Bottles

65 x Face Masks

12 x Cigarette Butts

7 x Costa Coffee Cups

7 x Tab Packets

5 x Chewing Gum Pots

5 x Gloves (not rubber!)

4 x Lighters

4 x McDonald's Cups

4 x Tabacco Packs

3 x Weed Flower Packets

2 x Rubber Gloves

1 x Viagra Box

...& so much more other shit I couldn't be arsed to count!

Britain is certainly not Great in many ways...& if you look into the history of Great Britain then it should no longer be called 'Great'. The litter shit is absolutely fucking everywhere though. It's an absolute bloody disgrace, & something needs to be done. Fast.

The sad reality is it just seems to be accepted by most people. Everyone knows it's there, everyone sees it (you can't bloody miss it), but yet most people just leave it.

It's out there, & it's up to us what we do with it...


Above photographs Copyright of Average Gradient