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Shit Britain speaks for itself. I thought I needed to try and get the message out there in another way. All the feedback was positive so I thought fuck it, why not. I've only done a limited run of 29 T-Shirts to begin with but who knows…if the demand is there then I will be more than happy to get some more printed. I would love to produce T-Shirts with other pieces on (*especially 'Screamalitterca')…if of course anybody wants to buy them!

* See below

The main purpose of the T-Shirt is to get people thinking about what they have seen. I hope it will open people’s eyes to the massive problem we currently face with litter in Great Britain...and the World. If it stops a few people dropping litter, or inspires a few people to start picking litter up, then it has been worth all the effort.


The stats for ‘Shit Britain’:

234 x Cans

101 x Plastic Bottles

65 x Face Masks

12 x Cigarette Butts

7 x Costa Coffee Cups

7 x Tab Packets

5 x Chewing Gum Pots

5 x Gloves (not rubber)

4 x Lighters

4 x McDonald’s Cups

4 x Tobacco Packets

3 x Weed Flower Packets

3 x McDonald’s Fries

2 x Rubber Gloves

1 x Viagra Box

Plus a load of other shit including crisp packets, chocolate wrappers etc... I just couldn't be arsed to count!



Above photographs Copyright of @Lecarnetdemimi and Average Gradient


It started off as a tribute to Primal Scream and is now a T-Shirt. It's my interpretation of the Screamadelica image and was made with shit picked up off the floor. As always, I'm trying to get a message across, and if this T-Shirt inspires one more person to start picking litter up, or not drop it in the first place, then it will be worth all the effort...and it was an effort, especially with a back that aches like mine!

Screamadelica is in my top 3 LPs of all time, it changed my musical path forever. Difficult to put into words what it means to me, so I won't even try. Tragically Paul Cannell, the artist of the original image on the Screamadelica cover, committed suicide in 2005. As a result, 40% of all profits (after costs) will be donated the Grassroots Suicide Prevention charity.

I chose GrassrootsSP as the bass player of Primal Scream, Simone Marie Butler, is an ambassador for the charity so it seemed fitting to donate to them. The last couple of years has been extremely difficult for all, and we've all had to deal with it in our own way. There is no doubt pickling litter and creating Litter Art has helped me get through, and it continues to give me a focus during these trying times.

If you're feeling down and struggling there is help out there. Please talk to somebody, there is always a way to get through the feelings you're battling with the right help.


R.I.P. Paul Cannell, Andy Weatherall, Robert Young, Denise Johnson, Martin Duffy