Shit Garden

April 2023

This piece (my 50th) is titled 'Shit Garden'.

I wasn't sure if I'd do another piece but then I thought fuck it, the shit is still absolutely everywhere & I must keep showing people...& on a larger scale.

This load of shite is from the last 6 months or so (it's not everything). Most of it was picked up on my daily runs. Half a bag here, half a bag there.

The point of course is to try & show just how much there is. If I can pick up all this without really trying, just imagine how much is out there. We all know it, but it doesn't appear to sink in with most people until you see it like this...although sadly it won't sink in for some no matter what they see!

On the face of it I live in a relatively clean area...but it's not, as you can clearly see. If we can't get on top of something as simple as litter (which we can't), what fucking hope have we got with all the other problems this is planet is facing?

The answer of course is no fucking hope. But it's ok, because we've got screens to look at, useless stuff to buy, alcohol to drink, crap to make forget about everything...& so therefore everything is ok.

And if you dare say it's not ok, you're just being negative & not helping anything. You're saying what people don't want to hear, & they don't like it, because it might make them actually realise what a nonsense reality we're living in.

Less is more.


Photographs 1, 2, 3, 6 & 7 Copyright of Fabio De Paolo

Photographs 4 & 5 Copyright of Average Gradient